Sit N Cycle Portable Indoor Bike Review

Sit N Cycle has been produced by Smooth Fitness. However, after many years, Smooth Fitness closed their doors and went out of business. Sit N Cycle has their own brand now, so this portable indoor bike is still available through Amazon

Sit N Cycle Review

Given that the sitNcycle is a uniquely designed indoor bike, there are not a lot of similar portable exercise bikes to compare with. Moreover, this product has quickly become the best-selling home "mini" bike in 2014 - probably because of persistent advertising.

The sitNcycle does not belong to the group of expensive bikes designed for athletes, but it is a fun, convenient, and efficient cardiovascular exercise equipment for home use. It is ideal for beginning to higher levels of fitness. Its excellent stability and ease of usage, make the sitNcycle a perfect exercise bike for elderly. Its built-in wheels and compact design allow for easy transport through residential areas. It weighs only 34lbs (15kg). You only need a space of about 6-feet x 6-feet.

The resistance is adjustable and doesn't require power. It is powered by you. It means that you can determine the intensity of your workout and burn as many as 500 calories per hour, depending on your intensity level.

The covers are made of quality, durable plastic parts. The extra wide seat is adjusable in height, very comfortable and well padded. The pedals are non-slip.

Conclusion: As they say in the As Seen On TV commercial: "sitNcycle is designed for busy baby boomers and active seniors". If you find that you belong to one of these nice groups, this could be an excellent portable exercise bike. But, to be honest, you can find much better and more durable home bikes in the similar price point. Moreover, there are great products from Marcy, for instance, with a price about $100 less than this item. Personally, I would never buy sitNcycle.

Where to Buy Sit N Cycle indoor portable exercise bikes

Ther are just a few online retailers where you can buy Sit N Cycle indoor bike. The nest buying conditions you'll get if you order through Amazon

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