Horizon Fitness Exercise Bike Reviews

When we developed this website, 10 years ago, Horizon Fitness was producing fitness exercise machines that can be generally placed in the middle-price category. By quality and prices. We were happy every time we had a chance to review some of their exercise bikes. They were very popular. However, as time went they probably thought that their place should be among top brands. They began to change models too often, raising their prices with each new model. So, how things are now, we got very overrated exercise bikes. Although they offered at similar prices (even higher) than Diamondback or even Life Fitness, Horizon products can not be compared with them by quality.

Because of all of the above, it doesn't make sense for us to do reviews of these products any more, when each review ends with the same conclusion - overpriced!

Where to Buy Horizon exercise bikes at Best Price

Only the newest models can be purchased through the official website (click here to see the offer). Currently, the lowest prices and best buying conditions for the older models you'll get if order from Amazon.

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Reviews by Price
cheap / budget exercice bikes

Cheap Exercise Bikes

Reviews on the exercise bikes under $250. These are the cheapest models on the market.

Best exercise bikes under $550

Between $250 & $550

Mid-price category offers the largest selection of models. They are designed for light home use.

Best exercise bikes under $1000

Between $550 - $1,000

The most popula exercise bikes. There you'll find some of the best exercise bikes.

commercial grade exercise bikes

Commercial Grade Machines

Commercial Exercise Bikes are built to withstand frequent health club or residental use.